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Many of Livermore Families learn and have fun here. Come down and see why

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About the Program

Simply put: All After School programs are not the same.
We are the premium, cream of the crop in After School Care. Really all that matters is do you want the best for your son or daughter and can you budget for our tuition.
We have been told that our tuition is comparative to most onsite after school programs.

But the most important thing is what the children think

Why us?

Although we can say all we want that we are the best. Our parents will tell you first hand that WE ARE THE BEST. And that's really what counts to you anyway, right?
Here are some features and benefits:

1.We will pick your son or daughter up from their school even on minimum days.

2.They will come to our academy which is better than any Chuck E Cheese or Mcdonalds play structure.*

3.We have a stand alone Character Development program and we will work with your children everyday in the areas of fairness, compassion, self-respect, vision and more.*

4.Martial Arts is the vehicle we use in our program. It promotes success, goal setting, confidence and fitness.

5.Especially beneficial to children with learning disorders such as ADD, ADHD, Asperbergs, Delayed Speech and Autism.

*We have an indoor rock wall, ropes from our ceiling, a full size air hockey table, plenty of big rubber exercise balls, large crash mats and trampolines. So we have the coolest hangout possible for your children.

meet the


John Pfund

John Pfund

5th degree Black Belt,
40 years of experience

After being assaulted by a group of older children on a school playground, Sensei John Pfund entered the junior program of Amador Judo and Jujitsu school in January of 1978. Looking for revenge he quickly realized that Jujitsu was not about that, but about leading a happy and successful life instead.

He received his Shodan (first degree black belt) April 24, 1984, abd currently hold the rank of Godan 5th (5th degree black belt). Sensei Pfund has held numerous tournament titles including the prestigious AAU National championship. He has also studied and competed in MMA, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Shotolan Karate, Wrestling and Kodokan Judo. Sensei is certified in teaching impact weapons, defensive tactics and Alaskan Split Second Survival.

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